Growing Healthy Children In The Community

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Children are growing humans. It is amazing how they are created from a tiny little cell to a complete little human with proper hands and legs and perfect functioning systems such as the respiratory system, digestive system, circulatory system and even the skeleton system all within just nine months. A mother goes through a lot of pain and effort throughout the formation of the baby till the baby is brought into this world. Even after the baby is born her time and commitment goes into taking care of the baby from the first day till she loses the ability to do so, risking her own life for the safety of her child.

Giving the Right Food

However a child is looked after the key point of looking after is to ensure that the child is given enough food to eat so that he or she grows healthy. Nowadays it is very difficult to make children eat food. They have got used to all the different types of fancy food that are available that it is really difficult to give them healthy ones to eat. They are extremely reluctant due to the lack of taste of the healthy food. It is a struggle for mothers to make them eat fresh fruits and boiled vegetables. Even when parents want to give them products that contain milk, they need to look into various factors such as dairy intolerance in their children to make sure that they do not end up with diarrhoea or other uncomfortable health conditions. 

Rewarding and Punishing

It is very hard for parents to make their children eat. They can only do that by either forcing them or using reinforcement or punishment methods. One of the most practiced and effective method to use with children is to ask them to eat because they would be rewarded with something they like for example maybe watch cartoons or play a certain game or be punished for example by not letting them eat something they like or play a certain game if they do not eat the meals. However for most people these work but for mothers who work it is really difficult to manage these ways of doing things because they lack time so they give their kids the food they like to eat.

Trying out Healthy Products

Nowadays there are special types of products for mothers and babies to keep them healthy, and based on their need such as permeate free milk, skimmed milk, low fat, sugar free products, protein rich and essential amino acid rich foods and so much more that can be made available.

Importance of Food

Ensuring that children get the necessary intakes is very important because it is not only when they are young that food influence them but even later on in their lives it is the food that they eat when they are young that keep them strong and healthy.

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