Can Cakes Contribute To Your Health?

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You want to let your taste buds indulge the soft buttery flavors of that piece of cake you brought from your favorite cafe, but on the hand your conscience is warning you about the possible consequences. Whilst a lot of people say that eating cakes often can be a disaster for your health, there’s arguments against it too. Read below to see how eating cake can be beneficial for you so that next time you want to have a bite off that chocolate fudge gateau you can do it in pure bliss.

Say ta-ta to stress.

Did you know that cakes can act as great stress busters and give you a boost of mood? The logic is quite simple. When you try to avoid the craving your body has and neglect that surging urge to buy mini cupcakes online from an amazing bake store, not only are you missing out on some retail therapy but you are affecting your mental state too. Happiness is the key to have a stress free day, and a simple thing like having a bite off that vanilla muffin can have a huge impact on your mental state and help you overcome things like anxiety and over thinking and leave you smiling a bit more often. By the way, vanilla essence is said to be a true cure for stress.

Fill ‘em With Fruits.

Fruits are undoubtedly an essential nutrient to our body but many of oversee the benefits it could give to us. It’s true. We might not adhere to the saying “ An apple a day keeps the doctor away” but what if we can satisfy our body’s needs and have a good apatite all at the same time by having a soft slice of fruit gateau, that’s filled with berries and nuts and all the nutrients you need. So next time you’re baking or ordering birthday cakes make sure they’ve got fruits, that way your kids love what they eat and stay immune to many diseases.

Burn Them, Calories.

As ironic as it sounds, you can eat a fat slice of cake and stay fit too. But make sure to have it for breakfast as researchers from a recent study in New York say that you can incorporate a bit of dessert into your breakfast balanced with 600 calories, in order to lose weight and maintain a healthy life style. In fact, you can have a chocolate cupcake daily in the morning in order to boost your energy level and help you work effectively. It doesn’t end there, eating cakes before nine a.m. means your body can successfully aid you in losing weight, as food eaten earlier in the morning is converted more efficiently. The rule is not to have it later in the evening as this might turn the energy particles into fat and add to your waistline.

Improve Your Digestive System.

Yes you read that right. Majority of the current generation are increasingly facing constipation and this is obviously because of the lack of fiber foods we intake in a daily basis. The fun fact here is that even though cakes are made up of heaps of flour and a lot of sugar, they can help a smooth flow of digestion if carrots are added to stir up a carrot cake batter or fiber rich fruits like apples and berries are mixed in. The more fiber you take, the less chances of constipation and heart diseases.

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